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This site is all about providing business training for tradies and partners of tradies.

You might be working in the office full time or part time and your wanting to Win More Quotes and Tenders.

Winning More Quotes and Tenders training is for you.
Our Tendering Expert, Chris, guides you through tendering from What is a tender to how to get your client to say YES and What happens after your submission.
This includes everything to do with quoting, tendering and putting in a proposal for that client that you want.

When I say everything – this excludes what price you need to submit… lets face it, your the expert in your field so the pricing is upto you.

Added to the online videos and downloadable documents, Chris also holds monthly group Q&A sessions, where you can ask ANYTHING.

Your no risk cancel anytime monthly investment is only $41.58 per month. Each month you get more content.
Total value is well over $4,000.

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For those that want to supercharge your quoting, tendering and proposals and don’t want to wait – go you 🙂 Your investment is normally $499 one time payment. But since your a go getter $399 for 12 months access. That means 12 Q&A sessions as well. Chris loves working with go getters. 🙂 Just use the coupon code SECRET

Total value is well over $4,000.
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