Who is behind Tradie Training?

ChrisD130315_07Chris Dennis is a tendering expert with over 20 years experience & CEO of Win Win Tendering. Chris has helped companies win well over a Billion dollars during her Tendering Career.

Win Win Tendering was born from her passion for making a difference in the world. She found her niche being small and medium sized companies – just like yours – the chance to compete with the ‘big end of town’.
Chris has been working with Tradies over the last 3 years and loves to see her clients making a huge impact on the world.

She is an international published author with Tendering for Tradies – Win Win Tendering Strategies and a sort after speaker and trainer.

Too often she saw smaller companies with better products and services, lose tenders – that could have saved millions for the end client.

As time goes on, we will be adding other training from our panel of experts.

In my spare time:

Fav beer: Ginger Beer – Bundaberg of course
Fav drink: Tough choice between Dark and Stormy and Farmers Union Iced Coffee
Fav book: Harry Potter – how cool would it be to fly on a broomstick
Fav movie: Willy Wonker and the chocolate factory – I’d love to swim in the chocolate river and meet the oompa lumpa’s
Fav Music: Stray Cat’s – I also play a bari sax very cool instrument
Fav sport: Tour de France and F1
Fav food: Gotta be pork roast – the crackling is to die for.
Fav tool: love using my drill

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